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What is Flyby?

Our mission is to bring faster, more sustainable, and more efficient food delivery to America’s cities. We use high-precision, lightweight drones optimized to deliver food safely, reliably and quickly. Flyby drones take off and land from the rooftops of our fulfillment hubs, where our partners and inventory are located.

How does Flyby work?

Users order on our app, and a mechanical lift transports the food or convenience product up to the roof, where our extensively trained and FAA-certified pilot attaches it to the drone. Our pilot then flies the drone to the your home and calls to walk your through the process, before lowering the drone and delivering the package to you.

Where can Flyby deliver?

Flyby lowers you orders while the drone hovers at a safe altitude above the ground. Flyby can deliver to any space free of obstacles that's the size of a parking spot.

Can you deliver for my restaurant or CPG brand?

We’re excited to connect with small businesses to provide faster, safer and more environmentally responsible delivery infrastructure. We currently deliver for a number of restaurants, small bakery and consumer package good brands, and are looking forward to bringing on more partners. If you are a business owner, please reach out to us.

Are the drones loud?

Flyby takes care to use lightweight, low-noise hardware to avoid any disruption to our neighbors and provide the most enjoyable delivery experience. We cruise at 200’ altitude for the duration of delivery flights until descending to package dropoff. A Flyby drone emits a lower decibel level than a car driving down a street, or standard background conversation in a restaurant.

Is drone delivery safe?

Safety is our first priority. Ordering a drone delivery is safer than ordering delivery from a car, or driving a car yourself to pick up an item. Each delivery is conducted and closely supervised by an experienced pilot with over 300+ flight hours on commercial UAVs. In addition, we have multiple levels of redundancy built into our safety and compliance operations, including rigorous pre-flight safety checks and regular pilot drills. Each Flyby drone is equipped with an ASTM F3322-18 certified parachute, as well as state-of-the-art obstacle avoidance capabilities.

How much can a Flyby drone carry?

Flyby aircraft are designed to deliver payloads of on-demand items to a single person. Currently, one Flyby drone can deliver up to 3 pounds — that’s equivalent to 6 McDonald’s Big Macs. All orders are weighed before takeoff to ensure conservative compliance with manufacturing specifications, so if your order exceeds 3 pounds, you will receive two drone deliveries instead of one.

Is that drone spying on me?

While Flyby delivery drones are equipped with a camera for obstacle avoidance, this camera is low-resolution and remains pointed at an angle that renders spying impractical. No video feed could capture faces, windows or other private spaces. Recording capability on Flyby obstacle avoidance cameras is always disabled. For more information, see Flyby’s privacy policy.

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