About Flyby.

Our Mission

We all want to spend less time waiting and more time living. At Flyby, we’re building pioneering ultralight quadcopter technology to make that possible. Our mission is to build a smarter, cleaner and faster way to get the things we need.

The Next Generation of Delivery

Powered by industry-leading aerospace technology, our electric drones cruise hundreds of feet above the ground at up to 40 miles per hour. We use high-precision path planning software to navigate any obstacle with the highest degree of safety. Our custom designed package deployment mechanism lowers orders to the ground in under 15 seconds, so you can securely receive your items. Getting a Flyby drone delivery feels more like stepping into the future than staying home for takeout.

Our Partners

We believe the future of delivery should be accessible for everyone. Instead of squeezing restaurants with high platform delivery fees, Flyby provides local vendors with streamlined and cost-effective delivery infrastructure. Using rooftop takeoff and landing areas for seamless integration, our drone delivery system flies food directly to your local customers. Want on-demand drone delivery for your retail or restaurant business? Reach out to us.

1.5 mile range

To maintain visual line of sight, we deliver within a tight geographic range.

Pilot Supervision

Every flight is visually supervised by a trained Part 107 sUAS pilot.

Obstacle Avoidance AI

Each drone is equipped with multiple redundant collision avoidance measures.

Emergency Parachute System

ASTM F3322-18 certified parachute to deploy in case of failure.

Safety and Compliance

At the forefront of a rapidly iterating space, regulators are working closely with industry players to safely integrate sUAS into the national airspace system. As Flyby pushes the bounds of innovation forward, maintaining close compliance with federal and local regulation is our top priority.

Our Standards

Flyby safety equipment has undergone extensive impact testing under rigorous industry standards. Our drones have built-in redundancy to ensure the highest level of safety, including an ASTM-3322 compliant parachute and a hazard avoidance path planning system. Each Flyby aircraft is flown within continuous visual line of sight of a FAA-licensed Part 107 sUAS pilot with hundreds of hours of specialized flight training, and uses an onboard sensors to avoid flying over persons. Flyby communicates closely with local public safety officials, and conducts routine inspections and emergency scenario drills with all flight personnel.

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